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2008 PPTS China International Plastic Processing Technology Summit  
2008 PPTS China International Plastic Processing Technology Summit

PPTS ChinaInternational Plastic Processing Technology Summit forum



To completely fulfill the scientific development outlook  of human first, all-around, harmony, sustainable development and accomplish the transformation from traditional industrial economic mode to cyclic economy mode have become the main strategy for the development of the present national economy.

In recent years, our national economy continues its rapid development, so does the plastic industry. Not only the production and marketing scale has achieved an annual growth of over 10 percent, but also the offshore sale is increasing each year.In spite of the rapid development of plastic industry, the problems of low processing technology level, high energy consumption, high material consumption, poor economic benefit, etc are urgently to be solved.  

From June 18 to 21, 2008, ChinaInternational Plastic Technology Summit(PPTS)initiated by Beijing University of Chemical Technology will be hold in Guilin. We are hoping to explore and discuss the technical approaches for plastic processing industry to carry out the scientific concept of development as well as achieve the  leap-forward development during the economic mode transformation. Main topics of the forum  isHigh-efficient processingmicro & nano manufacturingEnvironmentally friendly

Professor Zheng Qiang form Zhejiang University, the recipient of National Distinguished Young Scholars Foundation and Changjiang river scholar, will be invited to make the theme report to the summit. Professor Yu Jian from tsinghua University, Professor Qu Jinping from South China University of Technology, Professor Guo Shaoyun from Sichuan University, Professor Chen jingbo from Zhenzhou University, Professor Wu Daming from Beijing University of Chemical Technology will be invited to give subject lectures as well, dealing with plastic products, raw materials, additives, processing machinery, testing instruments, die and mould, etc. The attendant experts will communicate with the conference representatives on the development strategy, advanced technology and hot-spot technology of the plastic processing industry.

 The PPTS forum will give people of all fields within the China plastic industry the opportunitis to communicate with the famous experts and scholars as well as offer a platform for the enterprises to show their achievements.

*        The branded forum of plastic industryhold once a year since 2001 and this is the 8th summit

*      Many thanks to the enterprise leaders for all their support for PPTS

*        We are expecting to get along with you toward a brighter future! 



OrganigerBeijing University of Chemical Technology

Support UnitsChina Plastic Machine Industry Association

               China Plastic Machine Industry Experts Committee

               Society of Advanced Molding Technology

               Changzhou Die & Mould Industry Association

Organizing UnitsInstitute of Plastics Machinery and Engineering (IPME),Beijing University of Chemical Technology


Co-organizing Unit:China Youli Holding Group Co.LTD.www.chinayouli.com

Guilin Stars Power Electronics Co,Ltd (Industrial Servo System ) :  www.stars.com. cn

Medium support йۺ  www.polymer. cn

  йϼ  www.plastech.cn.

   йע    www.yxx.com.cn

                                     ܻ  www.china-ipme.com


Conference Arrangements

Conference Address Guihuaxiang HotelGuilin, GuangxiChina

Conference TimeJune 18-212008

Conference Schedule

June 18 Check in,

Receive the conventioneer card and other relevant materials,

Fix up the accommodation.

June 19


Opening Ceremony, Invited expert lecture,


Subject Report and Seminar, Information publishing,

June 20


Subject Report and Seminar, Information publishing,


Subject Report and Seminar, Information publishing,

June 21Visit GUILIN STARS POWER ELECTRONICS CO., LTD(Servo motor) andBeauty of the Guilin landscape top the China

Conference scaleThe number of the enterprise representatives is confined to 200including domestic and foreign experts, Enterprises and government institutions leaders, Scientific & Research Institutes, etc.

Conference formsalon + experts lectures + instantaneous asking and answering + new products publishing + communicating and signing contracts + dinner + on-site visit

How to sign upPlease fill out the participants receiptwith the company seal on it and fax it along with the remittance proof of bank or post office to the organizing committee.  

Participation fee:

Registration fee

(including expert fee, meeting hall fee, repast fee and other relevant fee)


1200,(for teacher or student only)

Accommodation fee:

180/room/day (self servicing)

Products Publishing fee3000/15 minutes

Enterprise streamer fee1000/piece  

On-Table exhibition fee800/table

Paper recruitmentPapers of new product and technology will be embodied in the PPTS symposium.  


Dead lineMay 31,2008

The symposium carries adverts for enterpriseadvert fee

Back cover: 8000  Inside front cover: 6000  Color page: 4000

No-color page: 1000  Size: 210mm285mm




Sponsor-A China Youli Holding Group Co., LTDsole100,000

Sponsor-B 50,000

Benefit for the patrons:

1. The organizing committee will distribute relevant documents on which the sponsors name will be published as a co-organizer

2. The company image will be widely promulgated through the media

3. The sponsors will be offered a superior exhibition platform freely and a close access to the experts, leaders and clients who are interested in the products.

4. One page of the colorful advertisement will be offered in the symposium

5.15 minutes introduction of the product and technology publishing

6. Sponsors name will be on the celebration streamer

7. Free accommodation and dinner (2reprsentatives/compnay)


Conference Reports

The Opportunities for the Development of Plastic Machinery Industry

Qian Yaoen  China Plastic Processing Machine Industry Association

     General Secretary

The Technology and Equipments for the Polymer Processing of High Efficiency & Low Energy Consumption

Qu Jinping 

South China University of Technology , Professor, Doctor tutor

National Engineering Research Center of Novel Equipment for Polymer Processing,  


The Microstructure Control in Polymer Processing

Zheng Qiang   Zhejiang University

Changjiang River scholar , Engineering doctor, Doctor tutor

Present Situation and Future Prospect of Micro & Nano Polymer Processing Technology

Wu Daming   Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Professor, Doctor tutor, Vice-director of the colleges of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Director of the IPME

The Design Concept of Environment-friendly Injection Moulding Machine

Wang Xingtian    Beijing University of Chemical Technology , Professor

Haitian Group , China , General technical consultant

The Progress of Engineering Plastic Processing Technology

Wang Xiaodong  Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Professor , Doctor tutor

Study of Biodegradable Polymer, Poly(butylene succinate) (PBS) and its Application

Guo Baohua  Tsinghua University 

Professor , Doctor tutor

Effect of Flow on the Crystallizing of HDPE and I-PP

Chen Jingbo Zhenzhou University, Professor, Doctor tutor

The college of Materials Science and Engineering, Vice-president

Novel Method of Ultrasonic Extrusion                

Guo Shaoyun  Sichuan University , Professor, Doctor tutor

Effect of Polymeric Nanocomposite on the Environment

Yang Mingshu Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science

Professor , Doctor tutor

Two type of Polymeric Microstructures Function Composites and their processing 

Zhan Maosheng Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Professor, Doctor tutor

Current Situation and Prospect of Micro Injection Moulding Machine

Jiang Bingyan  Central South University News

Professor, Doctor tutor

The Application of Micro Injection Moulding Machine in the production of  Micro Precision Products

Technical Representative   Sodie Co, Ltd. Japan

Technology of Micro Injection Moulding and Mould

Wang Minjie  Dalian University of Technology 

Professor, Doctor tutor

Study on the Micro Injection Moulding Plastic Gears

Zhuang Jian Beijing University of Chemical Technology,

Post -doctor

High Efficiency Recycling of Thermoset Composites

Ma Yongmei  Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science

Professor, Doctor

Research and Application of Phase Change Thermal Insulating Buiding Materials

Xue Ping   Beijing University of Chemical Technology

 Professor, Doctor tutor

The Industrial progress of Micro Foaming Forming Technology

He Yadong  Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Doctor

Study on PEEK Fiber and Thermoplastic Polymer Composite Molding Technology  

Wang Guibing  Jiling University , Professor, Doctor tutor

The Application of Environment-friendly High Efficiency Intumescent Flame Retardant in Polyolefin

Li Bing  Northeast Forestry University, Professor, Doctor tutor

Introduction of China Youli Holding Group Co., LTD. and products exhibition

Hu Xucang China Youli Holding Group Co., LTD.

Board chairman


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